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Sanus - Echo Show 15 Tilt and Swivel Stand - Black

Sanus - Echo Show 15 Tilt and Swivel Stand - Black

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The BEHHS-B1, specially designed to work with the Amazon Echo Show 15, provides a versatile table or countertop mounting solution ideal for device interaction. With effortless up-tilt and swivel capability up to 60-degrees, the Tilt and Swivel Stand is the perfect option for on-your-feet, on-the-go use in the kitchen or the entryway. Not only does the stand get the Echo Show 15 up and off any surface; it also hides excess power cord with a built-in cable management system. All hardware is included with this durable, quick-to-assemble stand, and sturdy non-slip foot pads prevent device slipping and tip-over.

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