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Ricoh WG-80 Waterproof Digital Camera, Orange Bundle with Chest Harness, 64GB SD Memory Card, Camera Case

Ricoh WG-80 Waterproof Digital Camera, Orange Bundle with Chest Harness, 64GB SD Memory Card, Camera Case

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Elevate Your Adventures with the Ricoh WG-80 Waterproof Digital Camera - Brace yourself for the ultimate adventure companion: the Ricoh WG-80 Waterproof Digital Camera. This all-weather powerhouse is not just a camera, but a rugged companion designed to capture every thrilling moment, whether underwater, on a mountain peak, or in the snowy wilderness. Engineered to Withstand the Elements - What sets the Ricoh WG-80 apart is its unparalleled durability. This camera boasts an impressive 14-meter waterproof capacity, good for two continuous hours of use, freeze-proofing that ensures functionality at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius, shock-proofing that withstands drops of up to 1.6 meters, and crush-proofing capable of enduring forces up to 100 kgf. With such exceptional resilience, the WG-80 is equipped to accompany you in all conditions, making it the ideal choice for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Optimized for Outdoor Excellence - The WG-80 doesnt just endure the outdoors; it thrives in it. With specialized features like the Underwater mode for capturing aquatic wonders and an Outdoor View setting that adjusts monitor brightness according to ambient light, this camera enhances every outdoor experience. Adventure awaits, and the Ricoh WG-80 is designed to document every moment. Capture Stunning High-Resolution Images - Beyond its rugged exterior, the WG-80 boasts impressive imaging capabilities. Equipped with approximately 16 effective megapixels, a lens offering 5x optical zoom starting from a wide-angle of 28mm, and ultra-high-resolution technology integrated into its image processing, this camera delivers high-definition images that remain stunning even when printed. The high-performance image processing engine and back-illuminated CMOS sensor, with high optical efficiency and 16 effective megapixels, ensure low-noise photos with a wide dynamic range. Adjustable Macro Lighting for Striking Effects - The WG-80 takes macro photography to a new level with its innovative Ring Light feature. The brightness of the Ring Light can be adjusted in five levels during macro shooting, allowing you to create a three-dimensional effect and emphasize contrast with the background. With six LED lights with adjustable brightness, the maximum brightness is now about twice as bright as the previous model, expanding your range of shooting expressions. Built for the Toughest Environments - Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the WG-80 features a robust chassis that is water-, dust-, cold-, and shock-resistant - essential for construction worksites and outdoor adventures. Additionally, the six LED lamps arranged around the lens provide lighting for macro photography, ensuring you never miss a shot, even in challenging conditions. Customize Your Images with Unique Image Tones - Unleash your creativity with six image tone options, including the new Cross Process feature for photos with the unique coloring associated with cross-processing film development techniques, Vibrant for rich, bright, vivid colors, and Slide Film for dynamic, high-contrast images reminiscent of reversal film. Capture Cinematic Moments in Full HDThe WG-80 doesnt just excel in photography; it also allows you to record Full HD (16:9) video at 30 fps. With a High-Speed Movie mode for recording slow-motion video and an Underwater Movie mode suited for underwater recording, the possibilities are endless. The Movie and Underwater Movie modes offer Movie SR (shake reduction) to minimize the effects of camera shake. Plus, with in-camera movie editing features, you can split video or create movie stills from selected frames. The cameras HDMI connector (Type D) lets you display movies on TVs and other devices. Adaptable Outdoor View Setting - The WG-80 features a state-of-the-art LCD monitor that adjusts its brightness based on the ambient lighting conditions. Whether you are under the bright sun or beneath the starlit sky, the monitor increases or decreases its brightness by up to two steps. This ensures ease of viewing and an improved shooting experience, making dark areas of the display easier to see in sunlight, and reducing glare for night photography. Versatile Shooting Modes for Every Scenario - Select from 25 different shooting modes tailored to suit every subject and scenario. The Auto Picture mode automatically identifies the subject type and selects the appropriate mode for you. Whether you are capturing the vivid greens of the trees, the deep blues of the sky, the action on brightly-lit beaches, or fast-moving sports scenes, there is a mode for everything:- Auto Picture- Program- HDR- Handheld Night Snap- Movie- High Speed Movie- Digital Microscope- Landscape- Flower- Portrait- Underwater- Underwater Movie- Interval Shot- Interval Movie- Surf & Snow- Kids- Pet- Sport- Night Scene- Night Scene Portrait- Fireworks- Food- Digital SR- Report - For those who prefer to keep things simple, the Green mode option

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