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American Security TF5924E5 Gun Safe - 30 Minute Fire Resistant Gun Safe: 16-Gun

American Security TF5924E5 Gun Safe - 30 Minute Fire Resistant Gun Safe: 16-Gun

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AMSEC TF5924E5 Gun Safe offers fire protection of an outside temperature of 1200 degrees for a period of 30 minutes without the interior temperature exceeding 350 degrees. Not bad for a safe at this price! THEFT PROTECTION: The body is constructed of 14 gauge steel with a 1 3/4 inch recessed door that includes 3/16 inch solid steel with fire insulating material. This economical 16 Gun Interior Safe is equipped with an AMSEC ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad. Protecting those important guns and contents is a system of 3-way bolt work that has 14 active 1 1/4 inch diameter chrome-plated steel bolts. Thats a lot of protection for the price. There are 4 anchor holes in the bottom of the safe that when used will provide additional theft protection. There is also pre-cut electrical access in the rear of the safe OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES: The AMSEC TF5924E5 Gun Safe with its changeable interior (8 long guns with shelves or 16 long guns with no shelves) always has a full-width top shelf. The back door cover and the fire walls are covered in rich velour while the shelves are a durable American Oak wood laminate finish. Again, a lot of features for the money. Oh yes! there are also external hinges that allow the door to swing 180 degrees for full access to the interior. The easy-clean black textured finish on this economical 16 Gun Interior Safe adds even more value. DISTINCTIVE STYLE Black textured finish with bold zinc die-cast polished brass logos, a rich velour back cover, and fire walls with durable American Oak wood finish interior. External hinges easily provide full access to your safe. INTERIOR CAPACITY 8-8-16 Gun + 1 Gun on the door organizer FIRE PROTECTION The TF5924E5 offers fire protection of 1200 degrees F, for a period of 30 minutes. Designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350 degrees F. 2 Stage Dual fire seals with silicone seal on the door jamb and expandable Palusol seal on the door. THEFT DEFIANT High strength unitized 14 gauge solid steel body. Massive 1 3/4 recessed door constructed of a 3/16 solid steel plate and fire insulating material. Comes standard with AMSECs ESL5 Electronic Lock with an illuminated keypad. 3-way boltwork with 14 1 1/4 diameter chrome-plated steel bolts. Each safe offers 4 precut anchor holes and 1 pre-cut electrical access hole. Dimensions: Outside: 59.00 H X 24.00 W X 18.00 D (Add 3 for handle) Inside: 56.50 H X 22.00 W X 12.50 D Interior Cubic Feet: 8.99 Weight: 388.00 Burglar Rating: CDOJ Fire Rating: 30 Minutes

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